THE VOCAL ACADEMY is a pedagogic system of study aimed at educating one's spoken and singing voice. It is based on vocology, a contemporary scholarly study that fuses together the science of human voice and vocal pedagogy, thus enabling the science of pedagogy to attain scientific objectivity by combining scientific theorethical findings in the field of human voice and traditional phonopedagogic training. The founder of the Vocal Academy and mentor is Mr. Branko Stark.

The goal is to improve one's vocal skill and knowledge of one's voice in all professions and fields related to human voice, as well as to provide appropriate vocal education and training.

It is intended for those to whom the voice is field of interest of their work and profession both directly and indirectly, for those willing to improve or preserve the quality of their voice and those who seek to further build their personality.

It offers and organizes the following activities: schools, courses, workshops, seminars and lectures intended for one's professional and continuing education. The lectures are held on a weekly or monthly basis over a course of time. Seminars, courses and workshops generally last one to several days.


The lectures are held in Zagreb and in other towns in Croatia.

The lecturers are renown experts in the field of vocal science, scholars and academy musicians of a considerable artistic reputation.

Each Vocal Academy candidate is awarded a corresponding certificate or diploma upon completing a course or finishing one of our Schools

One can enroll in one of the following ways by:
1. filling out our online application form
2. sending the application form by postal mail or by fax
3. e-mail
4. phone
5. contacting the co-organizer directly

The organizer is BeSTMUSIC ltd